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About Deanna Wong, LMFT

About Deanna Wong, LMFT

Deanna Wong, LMFT


Hi there!  I am Deanna, a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I am most passionate about helping young/emerging adults, college students, teens, and families from diverse cultural backgrounds because I believe these populations are often unseen and struggling with depression, anxiety, life transitions, and multicultural intergenerational trauma.  Asian Americans from immigrant families hits close to home!  I believe therapy is for you if you are seeking support and personal growth, feeling lost, burnt out, and alone, or even if you have thought about trying therapy and you are unsure if you need it.  I aim to help you improve your life and regain control over your mental health.


I grew up around the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley area during a time when therapy was unheard of and mental health was stigmatized.  As a first generation Asian American woman of immigrant parents, I've observed the systemic barriers and common problems faced by marginalized groups such as limited access to mental health care and limited awareness of mental illnesses, which leads to a lot of unhealthy self-coping (i.e., "pretending to be strong," self-isolating).  If you can relate, your confusion and growing pains are valid and I similarly to you would have liked to receive guidance to help make sense of my identity, perfectionism issues, harsh inner criticism, imposter syndrome, and feelings of being "behind" and "not being good enough."  I want you to know that these are completely normal issues related to our mental health.

Moving further from home to eventually pursue my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior at University of California Irvine and complete my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University, San Diego widened my perspective on mental health and the importance of teens and young, emerging adults to be able to manage daily stress and thrive.  My education, different experiences with people, life transitions, and my personal life journey have prepared me in providing mental health services.  It allowed me to see that many diverse populations from all regions struggle with their mental health and that everyone could use some support or help.


I have been practicing for 8 years, gained valuable insight at various non-profit community mental health agencies, provided school-based therapy for different school districts, and enjoy collaborating with many amazing mental health clinicians! I have worked with a diverse clientele of all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexualities, religions, and as well as provided services in English and Cantonese.  If you feel alone in what you're going through, I am here to listen to you and provide you support every step of the way.  I encourage you to take advantage of therapy and schedule a free 15 minute call/video consultation with me to get an idea about how we might work together.  I truly believe it is important for you to find a good fit which is vital for more effective therapy.

Unique therapy approach

My Approach

You may experience collaboration, genuine interactions, light hearted humor, encouragement, and compassion in a session.  I am open-minded, non-judgmental, and honest.  I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to empower you to gain tools, new coping skills, and ability to challenge your inner critic that shows up in everyday situations, so you can have a more fulfilling life.  I may use talk therapy or evidence-based approaches tailored to your specific needs to help you build insight, access resources, improve self-reflection, and achieve confidence and personal growth.

What to Expect in Therapy

What To Expect

I believe everyone needs a personal space to be fully seen, heard, and validated in order to address life's challenges.  I create this by being supportive and reflective while empowering you to explore and process your struggles.  I may guide you to deconstruct negative views that originated from your difficult experiences or upbringing.  Some sessions will involve us diving in deeper to learn how your negative patterns and self thoughts developed.  Other sessions will involve a cathartic release or a good cry.  Therapy can seem daunting, but I'm here to figure it out with you.

How I Believe Change Happens

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You will learn to be your own therapist by developing a better understanding on learned core beliefs about yourself and the world, as well as unhelpful, negative thinking patterns and problematic behaviors that can impact your quality of life, relationships, and cause most mental health problems.  This will help you gain more successful coping, improved ability to manage mood issues, and confidence in your abilities. 

Family Systems & Trauma-Informed

We may explore intergenerational family patterns, cultural beliefs and values, and process traumatic experiences to help you gain insight into how they have contributed to your beliefs about who you are today.  Oftentimes, unhealthy behavioral patterns or maladaptive ways of coping have been passed down through family due to generational issues.  I will create an empathic space for you to fully process this.

Not sure where to start? Let's get connected!

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