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Teens (ages 13-17)

Teens feeling alone

Growing up is a particularly challenging time for a teen who is developing their identity, navigating social/academic stressors, and learning to be independent from their parents.  Many factors including post pandemic social/self-esteem issues, grief, and even technology can negatively impact a teen's mental health.  A teen that becomes withdrawn, isolated, and resistant to opening up can result in feeling alone.  Therapy can be a safe space to help make sense of emotions and improve relationships with loved ones. 

Some areas in which I can help include:

Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Problems, Stress, Bullying Issues, Self-Esteem, Body Image Issues, Social Relationship Issues, Behavioral Issues, Trauma, Difficult Parent-Child Interactions, and Relational Issues with Peers/Adults.

Not sure where to start? Let's get connected!

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