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Family Therapy

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It is not uncommon for parents or caregivers to struggle to understand their child's emotions, especially when their teen is learning to develop their own sense of self there may be some clashing beliefs and values.  You may feel at a loss for words and have difficulty connecting with your developing teen.  I believe parent or caregiver involvement is a key component in helping your child learn and develop healthier coping skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills.  Parent or caregiver involvement in family therapy will look different for each family depending on your child’s age.  There may be individual parenting sessions and/or family sessions.

I am trained in a variety of Evidence-Based Practices (Triple P Positive Parenting Program - Child and Teen; Managing Adapting Practices) that equip me to teach and provide parent training and skills to help parents work as a team to improve their child's mood, behavioral issues, and family connections and relational problems. 

Deanna Wong, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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