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Common signs of Anxiety versus Anxious Feelings

Struggling with mental health and anxiety

Feeling anxious is a very normal emotion. Anxious thoughts and reactions can help us cope with stress and dangerous threats, whereas anxiety can be extremely debilitating.

A person feeling anxious in a social situation might temporarily freeze and not know what to say, sweat profusely, and even feel an urge to avoid and walk away. Most people will adjust to their anxious feelings after a couple more times of practicing being in this same situation. However, a person struggling with anxiety may freeze in most situations, have heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, dizziness, tense muscles, overthinking all the worst case scenarios, and/or uncontrollable worried thoughts. Other easily overlooked signs of anxiety may be feelings of constant stress and fears of uncertainty. If there is significant impairment in many areas of your life, including home, school, and work, for a prolonged amount of time, you could be struggling with an anxiety disorder.

If you're not sure whether or not you could be struggling with anxiety or another mental health condition (i.e., social anxiety, trauma), it is always best to consult a therapist and even process your experiences with your therapist. You're welcome to consult with me if you have more questions.


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