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Common signs of Depression versus "Laziness"

getting therapy for depression

Have you ever been constantly labeled "lazy" by loved ones and people in your life?

This can be a sign that you are struggling with low motivation, low energy, fatigue, low self-esteem, and low moods. Some of these are commonly known as depressive symptoms in the mental health field. Those without mental health knowledge may be quick to judge others on their behaviors. The people in your life and yourself may not have awareness of the difference between "lazy" and the struggles with depression. Being labeled "lazy" all the time can be very traumatic and damaging when there may be a deeper mental health issue. However, it can be normal if you are lazy from time to time. It can look like doing nothing or taking small breaks. We all can feel unmotivated to complete tasks sometimes especially when dealing with burn out or feeling tired.

If you're not sure whether or not you could be struggling with depression or another mental health condition (i.e., anxiety), it is always best to consult a therapist and even process your negative experiences with your therapist. You're welcome to consult with me if you have more questions.


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