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Top 5 Strategies to Approach Your Therapy Sessions

These are strategies recommended for mainly adults seeking to improve their overall therapy experience.

  1. Reflect: on whether you and your therapist are a "good fit." Self-reflection questions to consider: Do I feel comfortable talking with them? Do I feel heard and understood? Can I develop a safe relationship with my therapist after a reasonable amount of time (i.e., 4-6 sessions, length may vary for others)?

  2. Check in: with yourself after your session to see if you are either able to express yourself, gain skills, and/or feeling more emotionally balanced. Self-compassionate reminder: progress can take time depending on the severity of your symptoms.

  3. Goal: Attend session with a general goal in mind. If you can't figure out what your goal is then the purpose of sessions can be unclear. Clarifying therapy expectations initially is important.

  4. Notes: You can take brief notes during your telehealth session. This can help you stay focused and remember topics discussed. Or you can opt to stay presently engaged without note taking.

  5. Practice: Take what you learned from session and try to intentionally put it into practice in your daily life. This can help you make progress more quickly.


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